Your Home April 5, 2021

MUST-HAVES to Make Yours The Best Home on the Market

While we are in a seller’s market and homes fly off the shelves, this does not guarantee that your house would sell easily. That is why having your house sell is a big challenge nowadays. In reality, a house that needs repairs & improvements might spend a longer time on the market, and because of that, buyers might have second thoughts about why your house is not selling. To ensure your home attracts buyers, you need to know what home buyers are searching for.


A lot has changed over the past year. Home features that you once thought are nice to have, could possibly be a must-have for your potential buyer. This could include having a home office, a lovely kitchen, or just simply having your home move-in ready. Ask yourself, what would make yours stand out in the 2021 Real Estate market? Take note of these tips on preparing your home, from simple home upgrades to elaborate touches, and more.

Breathtaking Curb appeal 

The first impression is the last impression! Lovely curb appeal would be a very appealing feature that would make a great first impression on your potential home buyers. A freshly-prepared lawn, or maybe try planting new plants or a touch-up of flowers to catch the attention of future home buyers.

Home Office

Take the time to spruce up your home when preparing to sell it. For the year 2021 and beyond, a lot of people will still work from home, that’s why making a home office is a major home feature. You can always turn a vacant area into a home office if your house does not have a dedicated office area. And choose a room where natural light flows in if possible.

Outdoor space

It’s no wonder that having an outdoor space is desirable more than ever, with all the time spent in the home over the past year. Try and make your backyard a “useful” space and a location where potential homebuyers can see themselves hanging out and spending time. Homebuyers would want an outdoor space with dining space and amenities like a pool, fire pit, or deck. 

Even if you are living in a condo and have only a small patio, you can add a few touches like setting up comfortable chairs, a little table, and string lights across the top to make the area pop.

Kitchen appliance upgrade

There’s a good chance that your home could sit longer on the market if your kitchen is out of style, or does not have any stainless steel appliances. Why not add an elegant look to your kitchen by adding a fresh coat of paint, and adding statement lighting. Upgrade and replace the obsolete countertops with a sleek granite or quartz countertop if your budget permits. If you only plan to make a few home upgrades before listing your home, make it a priority to update or remodel the kitchen.

Neutral Palette

Fierce or striking wall colors could drive away potential home buyers. Make sure to stick to a neutral color palette when repainting your home, if you plan to use other striking color palettes, be sure to not overdo it. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in your house, and having distracting colors will make this difficult.

Move-in ready home

In 2021, most people don’t want to devote much of their time or money to overhauling a home in need of a new kitchen or bathroom renovations. That is why they look for homes that are move-in ready.  If a house is move-in ready, there are usually fewer maintenance problems and unforeseen costs to think about.


Replace these home features as soon as possible when you are about to sell your home:

Acoustic or Popcorn Ceilings

There are certain home features that will reveal your home’s age, and not in a historically charming way. An Acoustic or Popcorn ceilings is a direct sign of your home’s age and let’s face it, buyers will be turned off with the idea that they need to take it off themselves and spend the money to do so. Do yourself a favor by hiring a professional to remove your popcorn ceilings for you. Not only will it help your home sell within a shorter period of time, it will also help your potential home buyer be settled into your home and happy faster.

Carpet all over your house

There is nothing wrong with having a carpet in your home, but having it in every room would kinda make it feel out of style. One of the top 10 most desirable features home buyers are searching for in a home is a hardwood floor. It is also in your best interest to change your floors from carpet to hardwood.

Wood Wall Panels 

Wood paneling on the walls is no longer an attractive feature for most home buyers, although they were a popular choice in the ’70s. While removing the panels is ideal, there are easier ways to upgrade this outdated home feature if you already have too many tasks on your list while selling your home. A budget-friendly option is to coat your wood-paneled walls with a neutral paint color or to cover it with wallpaper. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also give your home a much-needed refreshed look.


Making sure that your home attracts buyers goes beyond home upgrades, here’s what else you need

Professional photography

You do not want your potential buyers to be looking at blurry, dark, or distorted photos, which would lessen the possibility of your home getting sold. That’s why professionally photographed photos of your home are must-haves when you are planning to list your home. Making your home the best home on the market goes beyond home improvements, you need to think outside the box to help your home sell faster. 


Another tip is to make sure you opt for a cover photo that stands out, especially now that buyers have all the means to search for homes online. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to highlight the exterior of your home. You may select the best part of your home that you think would make potential home buyers want to buy your home right away.


The listing description that sells

Your house description should accurately represent your home, while also highlighting its best features – especially the new improvements you’ve made. When it comes to listing explanations, the more fun they are to read, the easier they are. Remember that your real estate agent will not only lead you through the home sales process but they will also be responsible for writing your listing summary. The goal is to make potential buyers both excited and wanting more.


Preparing your home for a successful sale involves lots of moving parts. I’m an expert at guiding sellers through the sales process and getting them the most possible money for their homes. If you are considering selling your home and would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact me today.