Your Home August 31, 2021

Home Design Trends to Keep an Eye on

Home Design Trends to Keep an Eye on

Flexible design is becoming increasingly essential to homeowners as they spend more time at home doing activities. They also want to bring in additional outdoor features. 

Here are a couple of new home design trends to keep an eye on in case you are thinking of renovating your home



Homes are being used for a number of reasons, including for entertainment purposes. There has been a surge in demand for art studios, home bars and wine cellars, home theaters, gyms, and workplaces, which increased nearly tenfold in the last year.


More people are looking for ways to connect their inside and outside areas by incorporating more greenery and nature. Homeowners are now searching for fake plants and trees, as well as indoor pots and planters, which have increased considerably in the last year. 

Green kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile, accent chairs, and bedrooms are also popular, with searches for green kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile, accent chairs, and bedrooms increasing significantly. Many people are now looking for ways how they can aesthetically improve their homes and at the same time be one with nature.


As more people are spending time inside their houses, they started renovating their living rooms. The most popular items people are buying are accent pillows and home accessories, like abstract paintings, display shelves, and slip or chair coverings.


Kitchens in sage green are quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen styles for 2021. The color is everywhere, whether it’s in paint, cabinets, or tiles, so if you’re looking for modern kitchen inspiration, go no further.


With the pandemic still going, and more people are still working from home, they have made use of their spaces and turned them into home offices. This makes the pandemic and the work from home situation more bearable and fun for most people.

Also, Desks and workstations are increasingly being incorporated into bedrooms and living areas, particularly in families where there are more than one who needs to work from home at the same time.


Leaving home has been difficult nowadays, which means that home gyms, garden rooms, home theaters, and even wine rooms are all adapting. The lockdown has undoubtedly placed more focus on particular aspects like a home gym.