First-Time Homeowner Mortgage Pre Approval Tips Before you buy your first house, there are a few things to think about. You must know your budget, whether you want a condo, townhouse, or single-family home, the location you want to live in, and the amenities you must have. But there’s one more thing you should do before you start searching seriously. When […]
  How Long Does It Take to Get an Appraisal? Here’s What You Can Expect Congratulations! You’ve been preapproved for a mortgage, discovered your perfect house, negotiated a fair sales price, and navigated the home inspection process with ease. For your new home, you now have a completely executed sales contract. Then there’s the home appraisal. Any time you take out a loan from a mortgage lender, you’ll require a […]
  What Is Annual Percentage Rate (APR)? Annual Percentage Rate or APR is the rate of interest charged on a loan, a credit card, or a separate credit line per year. It is a proportion of the overall balance to be charged. When you borrow money, all interest you pay raises your buying costs. Credit cards are a form of credit and […]
  Mortgage 101: What Is A Stated Mortgage? A stated mortgage used to be more common and at one time most of them completely vanished from the lending landscape. A ‘stated’ mortgage simply means the degree of verification the lender applies when reviewing a loan application. A stated loan is one where certain aspects of the information listed on the loan application are […]
  Five Questions Your Loan Officer Is Certain To Ask You Whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing a current home loan or buying your tenth investment property, a loan officer is certainly going to task you with collecting what seems like a mountain of paperwork that will go along with your loan application. If you know what these things are in advance, it can […]
  The Differences Between a Hard Credit Pull and a Soft Credit Pull There’s lots of information about you listed inside your credit report. Of course, most of the information pertains to your credit history. In fact, nearly two-thirds of your credit score is made up of payment history along with comparing current account balances with credit lines. For consumers who want to improve or repair their credit, […]
  What to Do When Your Spouse Has Bad Credit When a couple decides to buy a house together, it’s a very important step in their life journey. There’s lots to do from gathering all the paperwork, to applying for a preapproval, to shopping for a new home, and plenty of stuff in between. It’s certainly a big decision, especially for a couple buying their […]
  You Can’t Outsmart The Market Are you getting ready to refinance your mortgage, but are waiting for rates to fall just one more time? If you are, you aren’t the only one. Many consumers begin following the market news and do tons of research trying to determine exactly the perfect time to lock in their lower interest rates. The truth […]
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