Your Home December 9, 2020

Adding a Little Luxury to Your Home

Expensive homes tend to sell better and seem more attractive to people overall. People love luxurious touches that speak of elegance and impeccable taste. This, of course, is great for very expensive homes, but is it possible to achieve this on a budget? Indeed it is. There are many ways you can make affordable changes to your home that will make it seem more expensive than it actually is. Here are some of our favorite tips that industry experts shared on how you can give your home an extra layer of luxury without breaking the bank.

The Quality of the Fixtures and Finishes

Expensive homes are nearly flawless! You’ll know how expensive something is by how solid and seamless the craftsmanship is. You can apply this to your home by really discerning between quality finishes and subpar ones. You need to learn how to pick out fixtures that are timeless, classy, and well-made. Remember that the feeling of luxury can be achieved by paying attention to the small details.

Don’t Overdo It

It is easy to go overboard and think that the more luxury touches you add, the more expensive your house may seem to everyone. This is a common mistake. Try to add luxurious details sparingly. Remember that you want timeless elegance, not gaudiness and tackiness. Staying with elements that age well ensures that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on future renovations.

Get Quality-Looking Flooring

You don’t have to fully carpet your home or buy expensive marble for flooring. The key is to choose well-made and timeless materials that require little to almost no upkeep. For instance, if you really like the look of marble floors, you can opt for marble pattern ceramic tiles for a lot less. Glazed ceramic tile is particularly great for high traffic areas such as the kitchen.

Use (A Little) Gold

If used sparingly, good gold paint can mimic gold leaf and can serve as an inexpensive yet elegant detail in your home. Try to use it for design details that are above eye level to give you that golden look without breaking the bank.

Keep Backgrounds Neutral

To make sure that the luxury details you add will truly stand out, try to keep your backgrounds simple and neutral. For example, if you’ll be using a rare stone for a bathroom’s countertop, try not to have a mural or install wallpaper in the same bathroom. You want your luxury finishes to shine, so make sure that they are going to be the focal point.

What Do Your Carpets and Rugs Say?

A beautiful large rug for the hall and perhaps faux fur rugs in the bedroom will go a long way in making your home feel cozier and a lot more luxurious.

Use Textures

Play with textures to add richness to a space without veering off your color palette. By doing this, you’ll also hide small flaws and have an easier time maintaining your home.