Your Home August 31, 2020

How To Carve Out An Office In Your Home

People have had to get creative about how—and where—to work since the Coronavirus sent so many of us home. For those who already had a home office, the transition may have been relatively easy. But what if you don’t have a dedicated space? These trending home office ideas might help give you focus, especially if your remote work situation may not be as temporary as you first thought.

Convert a Closet

Have a closet that’s filled with stuff you rarely use or simply don’t need? Relocate it to the garage or attic and turn that space into a tidy home office. You’d be surprised how much usable space you can gain and how many great blog posts and YouTube videos there are for converting a closet into a productive workspace.

You’ll have to be creative about storage. Running shelves up the back of the closet is an easy and obvious solution. While you’re at it, though, consider adding a rail for hooks so you can hang pencil holders, pictures, or other items up and off your desk. Pegboards are another fun and creative way to create more space. You can add these boards on walls and doors to create flexible storage space for whatever you need.”

Look to Your Backyard

There are several companies out there that are offering backyard solutions, like Kanga Room Systems and Modern Shed. These companies can ship standalone structures that can be assembled by homeowners to keep their home offices separated from their living spaces.

Guest Room or Guest Room/Home Office?

You don’t need to lose your guest room to incorporate a home office. You just need to be creative. By installing a Murphy Bed, for instance, you can utilize your guest room for both a decked-out desk and a comfortable overnight space for visitors, without the typically cluttered look of a double-duty room.

Tight on Space? Consider Fold Outs

You don’t even have to have an entire room to dedicate to a home office. In fact, it’s not even necessary to have enough room for a desk. If you’re tight on space, consider a wall-mounted desk that folds down when you need it and disappears when you don’t. Taking a quick search on Pinterest will show you hundreds of fantastic fold out desk ideas that you can quickly and easily install in your home.

A New Zip Code

If your current space just can’t accommodate your work-from-home needs, maybe it’s time to move. With more time at home (and more people home) than before, people are considering moving into larger homes to accommodate the new life realities that face them. If you might be considering such a move, contact me today so we can discuss your home finance options.